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Paid position of weekly based employments
Social Media Part Time & Full Time jobs

Paid Weekly Solutions

Get paid for social media like tasks
Remote Social Media Worker

If you love social media then why not
get paid to press like on companies

Help them increase profit and get paid
from fees they paid for advertising

Steps To Join Us

In partnership with agencies, merchants & celebrities.
Your daily tasks will be to press like on companies social media pages.
Step 1
Press Like on Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram & YouTube.
Step 2
Take a screen shot of the liked page.
Step 3
You will receive a cash payment.

Companies and celebrities pay thousands in advertising fees by doing simple tasks to increase their productivity you will get paid a percentage of their advertising fee.

Message us on what’s app & we will get back to you ASAP (07413488130).
© Paid Weekly Solutions 2021

What We Do

We do everything social media, increase your digital footprint as a individual or a company

We are now recruiting for the following roles social media  worker/influencer

 Job Role 1

 Social Media Worker/Influencer                             

Part time £432 per month
Full time £900-£6000 per month
Remote Work
£5 joining bonus
Daily completed Task bonuses
Pay is per task and not per hour
Must have the following
UK mobile number, Bank account & Whats app

Job Role 2 

Music Social Media Worker/Influener                     

Increase music artist social awareness by listening to music & small review payment is per track get paid up to £6 per track  



About Us

Why it is important

A weekly job may be mandatory for a sense of purpose since it can provide achievements to do work toward each week and an income to support you financially. It can help you build skills in social media and experience that will last throughout your career.


What is Paid Weekly

Paid Weekly is a legal activity that allows you to perform any social service and in return earn in local currency of GBP British pound. Weekly payment is possible if like or listen tasks are completed within the same day given. 

Marketing with Paid Weekly

Paid Weekly describes paycheck on salary basis as a predefined amount that a vendor receives weekly. Marketing from Paid Weekly refers to activities a company or an individual undertakes to publish / promote the products or services. Our Marketing strategies includes promotions, advertising , selling and delivering goods to customers / businesses / individuals / companies / affiliates. Mobile apps make these principles easily reachable.

Social Media And Paid Weekly

If you love social media then why not get paid to press like on companies. Social media is mandatory because it permits us to discover and connect with your target audience. When a business or an individual use social media to combine with its followers , it will produce brand awareness, leadership, revenue and sales.


What is our need

We are in need of 4 types of people
…..THINKER (proof of concept)
…..BUILDER (to translate ideas into projects)
…..IMPROVE (to make it superior)
…..PRODUCER (to produce quality results)


Our Terms & Conditions

Our clients payment can be cashed out within 24-48 hours from Mon-Fri 10am-5pm UK time. We will offer you a joining bonus of £5 for the social media like platform. Tasks are available for you to complete seven days a week. Tasks within our affiliates platform can be automated by the auto task assistant.    

Grow Your Business

Our unique business model will put you in front of the competitor. We have developed custom software & techniques that will reward your social media activities. If you love social media then why not get paid to like companies or listen to music and promote artists. Help them increase profit and get paid a percentage of the fees they paid for advertising. 

Work smarter not harder, dominate your business sector
Complex algorithms will increase your profit so sit & relax!
A lifestyle of more family time & more time for you

© Paid Weekly Solutions 2021

Contact Us

After initial assessment and understanding the nature of your social media presence, We will discuss a developmental plan for your needs.

Paid weekly solutions is proud to have worked within many sectors from High profile people to your local sole trader.
We guarantee more clients for your business & increase net profit.


Whats app:
message us on 07413488130